First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) merged with Polish Women’s Alliance of America (PWAA) on July 1, 2017. All PWA files have been transferred to the FCSLA home office in Beachwood, Ohio, and the PWA office in Chicago is now closed. FCSLA is now handling all aspects of PWA life insurance and annuity policies. Please visit our website at for more info but here are some important facts you will need to know about how the merger will affect you, your Group, and your life insurance or annuity.

Policy number:
Your PWA policy number will now begin with the prefix "Z"; due to duplicate numbers already in our system for existing members.

Group number:
FCSLA uses the word "branch" instead of "group". Your PWA group/branch number will now begin with the
"Z" due to duplicate numbers already in our system.

Making Changes to Your Policy:
Changes must be made in writing and signed by the certificate owner. Always include your policy number. No changes can be accepted over the phone. Please go to the Contact Us link on our website for the mailing address of FCSLA.

When beneficiaries are not current on your policy, benefits are often paid to the deceased’s estate or sent to unclaimed funds, creating obstacles for loved ones. Consider updating your beneficiaries today. Forms can be found on our website or by calling the home office. Please make sure that your beneficiary information and current address are always on file with FCSLA.

In order to protect our members and their nonpublic financial information, it is our policy to not disclose financial information over the phone. We also will not sell any list of our members’ names or addresses.

Visit for information on our life insurance and annuity products,to download printable forms, and to learn about our company history, and more.

Life Insurance and Annuities — Discover the Fraternal Advantage
We welcome all PWA members to our FCSLA family!



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