First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association (FCSLA) merged with Polish Women’s Alliance of America (PWA) on July 1, 2017. All PWA files have been transferred to the FCSLA home office in Beachwood, Ohio, and the PWA office in Chicago is now closed.

FCSLA will be handling all aspects of PWA life insurance and annuity policies going forward. Please visit for more info, and please contact them directly with all questions and changes regarding your life insurance policy or annuity.

Go to for FCSLA mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Contact Info:

For information on life insurance and annuity products, to make changes to your life insurance policy or annuity, or to download printable forms, go to

Life Insurance and Annuities — Discover the Fraternal Advantage!
We welcome all PWA members to our FCSLA family!


Matching Funds Project

Matching funds are a great way to come together as a Group or Branch and make a big difference in charitable support for a family in need or a group in your community, for churches and schools, youth groups, special-needs kids and adults, the well-being of others, health research organizations, animal causes, and more. There are so many opportunities to help others! And the FCSLA Matching Funds Program will help you to increase the amount of your fundraising. Here’s how:

• Plan a project in your Group or Branch to raise funds for a charity or cause of your choice. (If you would like ideas for a project, go to the FCSLA website at There you will find a list of many successful projects from the past several years.)

• Get approval from the Fraternal Director at the National Office, and then invite members, family and friends, and coworkers. Advertise in the Glos Polek or in your church bulletin or community newspaper to help spread the word!

• After your project is completed, submit your request for payment. FCSLA will match up to $600 of what your Group has raised.

The Matching Funds Guidelines and Forms are listed on the FCSLA website at under the Fraternal Section.


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